Slipping the surly bonds

12 05 2007

Yesterday was the first crag day of the year for me. Actually, it’s the first time in about a year I’ve done any technical rock climbing at all. Rian (my climbing partner) and I headed east of Seattle to the local hang out of Exit 38, so named because it is, well, off exit 38 of highway 90.

Exit 38 is not the most impressive set of walls around, but it’s close. Really close. And that’s appealing when you really want to minimize the lugging-the-pack-around time. It’s sort of like an outdoor climbing gym, complete with crowds.

I top-roped all day, which would normally send me into a state of self-loathing depression. I was, however, able to keep the expectations at bay and just enjoy myself. I got a few of the longer slab routes in the trestle area, flailed around on some steeper stuff. Next time we get out there I’ll start leading again, though likely on some walk-ups.

Rian, who has been in the gym all winter, looked to be in good form. Even with a tweaked finger he was able to pull down. His achievment for the day was a 10+ with a good body length of blank wall as the technical crux.

Of course, I didn’t bring a camera. Not the Exit 38 really calls for one, but my arms are sore and I could have just filled this space in with some pictures instead of all these words. *shakes head* I’ll learn my lesson one of these days.