1 05 2007

So why try to write again? For starters, I just got wind of some of what went down after I published an entry on my old blog. The essence was that I read a book I really enjoyed only to find out that the author had plagiarised at least some of it. I contacted the author of the original work and then more or less forgot about it as Christmas, New Years, and then life overtook my mind.

Earlier today I got a message from my dad from an article that appeared in the Globe and Mail (Canadian Newspaper fyi) from February. Apparently the publisher decided to not ship anymore of the book. So then I go looking about for a little more info. Earlier this month it seems that the publisher has actually decided to dispose of the books and drop the title.

All this makes me feel a little weird. Having that sort of impact on someone’s life who I’ve not met is unreal. Mostly though, I’m a little sad that the books are being destroyed. Truth is that it was a good book. I think it should be reissued with corrections and/or attributions. Of course, one if left to wonder what else might be untrue in a book containing one example of plagiarism.

Also, I’ve been lazy. Links to the original article and the relevant sites are available at my old blog, Agnosco. Now it’s time to figure how to turn off this damned WYSIWYG editing. Seriously folks, code by hand or don’t code at all.