The author lives in Seattle, Washington where he is currently attending courses in web development and database design. He shares his space with one girl and two dogs, all of whom conspire together to horde the covers in the early hours of the morning. When not following random links on any manner of subjects he can often be found reading one of John Le Carre’s novels or planning his next trip into the Cascades.

A note on my politics. I hold certain values that would easily get me categorized as Liberal. This platform allows me to add my own small comments to the political discussion in this country and around the world. I don’t claim that those comments are without bias. I see this world through the eyes of a human being, just as anyone else does. I do believe, however, that the values that create that bias are based in a rational attempt to look at what goes on around us and to clearly see the effects of our actions upon our selves and upon the world at large. Those events which contribute to the overall quality of life for all people I see as positive. Those that are self-serving and at the expense of others I consider destructive.

As for discussing those politics on this page (in comments), I welcome any feedback, either in agreement or disagreement, that is civil, attempts to make a point, and intelligent. I will delete only spam. Should anyone engage in trolling, I will leave the post. I will, however, respond only to indicate that the post is considered inappropriate and will consider the thread dead. Nothing of the content will be changed.

All right, that was little too heavy for me. Time for more coffee.


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